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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Q. How should I build my YogaPulse™ schedule?
  • A.

    Ideally, you should work through the programs in order: start with Source, go to Core, then to Heart and finish with the Mind, working on each DVD for a week or two, until you feel proficient enough with the program. Once you are done with the four DVDs, you can pick and choose whichever program you want to do.

    On Monday, you may feel like doing YogaPulse™ Core, and on Tuesday, it can be your YogaPulse™ Mind day. You are absolutely free to pick and choose once you are proficient with the basic moves of the programs.

    At least once a week, or anytime when you need to jump–start your metabolism or get some extra energy, try YogaPulse™ Dance. It is only 20 minutes long and gives you a great workout! If you need to lose weight, practice YogaPulse™ Dance at least three times a week.

    The other DVD – YogaPulse™ Take Ten includes three ten–minute mini–workouts: YogaPulse™ Abs, YogaPulse™ Butt and YogaPulse™ Legs. This program serves two purposes:

    1. To target specific body areas – if you'd like to focus on these areas in more detail than with a different YogaPulse™ program, do YogaPulse™ Take Ten as often as you can!

    2. To make sure you workout when you don't have time to workout – in ten minutes a day, you can accomplish a lot! When you don't have a full 45 minutes, or even 20 minutes to practice another YogaPulse™ program, don't miss a whole day of working out: do YogaPulse™ Take Ten instead.

  • Q. How many days a week should I practice YogaPulse™?
  • A.

    Ideally, three–to–six days a week, but if you are very busy, practicing YogaPulse™ for two days a week will give you some results. When you are pressed for time, try any of the ten–minute programs or YogaPulse™ Dance for fast results.

  • Q. When should I move from one program to the other?
  • A.

    After one or two weeks, or when you feel proficient enough with the first program. In the meantime, you can do YogaPulse™ Dance at any time, to keep things interesting. Whenever you are pressed for time, try any of the ten–minute programs. This way you can diffuse your workout throughout your day. Do at least one YogaPulse™ Dance and one YogaPulse™ Take Ten a week. When you feel comfortable with a program, have noticed results from your practice and feel that you know the moves and the poses, it's time to move on to the next program.

  • Q. How does nutrition fit into YogaPulse™? Is there a suggested meal plan or a diet I should follow? Why is this important?
  • A.

    YogaPulse™ is about being more sensitive to others and to yourself. It's about being more connected to your body and its needs. Anastasia's Food Celebration is not just another diet. It is about eating delicious foods in their whole, unrefined, unprocessed state; it's about discovering whole grains, delicious stews, scrumptious salads and soups and even an occasional dessert! Anastasia's Food Celebration is not about what you can't eat, it's about all the foods you can and should eat! By not depriving yourself with Anastasia's Food Celebration you can easily stay in great shape forever!

  • Q. What if I have an injury or a physical limitation?
  • A.

    Talk to your doctor about it and about YogaPulse™. Don't do anything extremely painful or very physically uncomfortable. Make sure you have your doctor's approval to do the program.

  • Q. Can I get my child to do YogaPulse™?
  • A.

    Your child can do the program with you! Children find YogaPulse™ fun, so it's easy for them to stay entertained while getting to be more physically fit.

  • Q. Do I need to use props that I see in your videos?
  • A.

    Ideally, yes, but they are not mandatory. Blocks and straps are there to help the beginning practitioners, making their experience a lot more comfortable. Not all of us can reach our toes while sitting, but with the help of a strap, wrapped around the feet, it becomes easy and even pleasurable. Not all of us can reach the floor, while standing. A block under each hand lets you do the standing forward bend pose easily and joyfully.

  • Q. Do I need a mat?
  • A.

    YogaPulse™ mats are sticky and designed especially so you are comfortable and so your hands and feet don't slide during the positions. If you try YogaPulse™ on a towel, it may move from side to side. If you are on a carpet, you will most likely slide in all directions. If you practice on a hard floor, it's painful for your knees and is slippery. So ideally, you need a nice YogaPulse™ mat.

  • Q. What do I need for YogaPulse™?
  • A.

    Yourself, a DVD player with a TV in front of you and somewhere between 10–and–45 minutes of free time.

  • Q. My back hurts. Will it feel better if I try YogaPulse™?
  • A.

    Most people report significant improvement in their posture and their backs after just one time of trying YogaPulse™! Don't practice if you are in pain and ask your doctor first.

  • Q. Is YogaPulse™ a religion or a philosophy?
  • A.

    YogaPulse™ is a healthy, fit, natural way of life. It is not a religion and not a philosophy. Furthermore, it is completely free of any religious influences. YogaPulse™ encourages you to live fully and to be as healthy as you can be, while listening to your own inner guidance. YogaPulse™ is there to help you reshape your body and transform your life.

  • Q. Is YogaPulse™ hard to do? Is it like some of those yoga classes I've been to?
  • A.

    The poses in YogaPulse™ are simple and, with some training, anyone can do them. What's important is their particular order, a sequence which stimulates specific pulse zones in a specific way. You won't feel intimidated, like you might have felt in a yoga class, and you absolutely don't need to be a contortionist to try YogaPulse™. On the other hand, if you've been doing yoga for a while, you will still find this program captivating, physically challenging and fun.

Shipping & Returns

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  • Q. How do I place an order?
  • A.

    When you're done shopping, click "View Cart" button to review the item(s) in your shopping cart, then click the "Checkout" button to place your order. If you don't want to order all of the items, simply edit your shopping cart before proceeding to checkout.

    During checkout, you will be asked to provide:

    • Your Name
    • Your e-mail address
    • Your credit card billing address
    • The address you want to ship to
    • Your credit card type, number and expiration date
    • Your phone number
  • Q. Can I change my order during checkout?
  • A.

    Yes. You have to click on the "Shopping Cart" page to update the items in your cart. If you wish to order additional items not in your cart you may click on the "Next Item" button on the Shopping Cart page to return to the product page and add additional items. Your order will not be placed and your credit card will not be charged if you do not click the "Confirm." button on the "Confirm Order" page.

  • Q: How can I be sure my order has been received?
  • A.

    Once you click "Confirm" button on the final review page, we'll give you an order confirmation number. You will also receive a confirmation e-mail within approximately 24 hours. We will send you another e-mail to notify you when your order has been successfully processed.

  • Q: Are there other ways to place my order?
  • A.

    Yes. You may call us with your information at (866) 536-9422 or mail a check or a money order to:

    YogaPulse Wellness, LLC
    PO Box 5469
    Carson, CA 90745.

  • Q: What forms of payment does accept?
  • A.
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • American Express
    • Discover/Novus
    • Check via snailmail
    • Money Order via snailmail
  • Q: When will my credit card account be charged?
  • A.

    Your credit card will not be charged until your order is shipped.

  • Q: Do I need to pay Sales Tax?
  • A.

    We are required to collect sales tax for all orders shipped to CA and FL only.

  • Q: How much are Shipping & Handling costs?
  • A.

    To ship your new YogaPulse™ System, we charge $9.95 in the US and $20.95 in Canada. The shipping for the YogaPulse™ Essentials Kit is $7.95 in both the US and Canada. Shipping for all other YogaPulse products is $5.95 each. You can select rush delivery for an additional $5.95 per order.

  • Q: Does ship to international addresses?
  • A.

    Right now this website only handles domestic US orders and Canadian orders.

  • Q: Can I return my YogaPulse™ products if I am not satisfied?
  • A.

    YogaPulse™ is backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee. Just try our products, and if you're not totally satisfied with the results, simply return them within 60 days of delivery - for a complete refund of the purchase price (less shipping and handling).

    To return your products, place the merchandise in a box with your original invoice and send it to us. If you don't have your original invoice, make sure to include your name and shipping address as you believe it appeared on the invoice. We suggest that you take your package to your local post office and purchase a receipt of mailing. This will guarantee your refund if, for some reason, we don't receive your package back. Please allow 1-2 billing cycles from the day you return your package for your account to be credited.

    All returns and exchanges should be shipped to:

    YogaPulse Wellness, LLC
    20100 S. Vermont Avenue
    Torrance, CA 90502