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Yogic Breathing
By Anastasia

Yogic breathing is one of the foundations of YogaPulse™ practice. If you can control the breath, you can control the body and the mind.

Yogic breathing implies the energetic lift of energy (life force) through the central energy path upwards towards the intuition pulse zone. It may sound very esoteric right now, but as you try to practice this type of breathing, you will feel the energy lifting up. You will feel calmer and more centered.

Yogic breathing has a distinctive “throaty” sound and an even flow, achieved by the equal duration of the inhales and of the exhales.

Sitting in a comfortable cross-legged position on a blanket or a block, so that your knees fall comfortably to the sides and your spine is lifted tall and perpendicular to the floor, place your palms face-down on your knees.

Inhale deeply through the nose.

On the exhale, make a “Haaaaa” sound with the mouth open. Make sure you are whispering the “haaaa” and not just singing the sound. It should sound like your breath is coming out of the throat.

Now, inhale through the nose and make the same “haaa” sound with your mouth closed.

Continue breathing through the nose, making the same sound on the inhale.
Try to make your breath deep and even, try to make your inhale the same duration as the exhale, continuing to breathe through the nose, making the “haaa” sound in your throat. The yogic breath is continuous and without fluctuation. The air is taken into the back of the throat with a constriction of the muscles, resulting in a hissing sound. As the throat passage is narrowed, the speed of the air passing through it is increased.

Yogic breath enhances your ability to assimilate energy. With a practice of clear and steady yogic breath you can feel soothing currents of energy moving along your spine and throughout your body, reaching your intuition pulse zone (the point in between your eyebrows). Breathe this way throughout your YogaPulse™ practice to deepen and energize it. Whenever your breath becomes shallow and fast, try to remember to go back to the deep slow yogic breathing.