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YogaPulse™ Home Practice
By Anastasia

Developing a working daily YogaPulse™ practice takes discipline and effort. It's good to find a specific time for YogaPulse™ – early in the morning when the mind is clear, is the best, but any other time you have free is good, as well.

Devote anywhere between and hour and two hours to your practice. However, if your time is limited, it's better to do 10 minutes a day, than no YogaPulse™ at all.

Never practice on a full stomach – eat at least two hours before your home class.

Invest in some YogaPulse™ DVDs to initially guide you through the practice. As you become more experienced with YogaPulse™, try practicing on your own, remembering the positions you saw on the DVD class. As you get to know your body and its limitations, you will have a better feel for the poses and for when to do them.

Start with a chant of OM, to help you get centered. Mentally visualize your pulse zones as vibrating energy centers and spend at least half-a minute, focusing on each pulse zone. Follow up with any version of a Sun Salutation.

Move on to the standing poses on the right and the left sides (don't forget what you did on one side, so that you can remember it on the other one.) Include both the stretching and the strengthening positions to activate your source pulse zone.

Proceed to forward-bending poses, such as seated forward bend or a standing wide-legged forward bend to activate the hip pulse zone.

Move on to the floor and do a core-strengthening position, such as boat pose, to activate the core pulse zone. Proceed with a twist of some kind.

Then do a few backbends, for the heart pulse zone. A camel pose, a bow, bridge, a wheel are all excellent backbends to choose from.

Do some inversions – such as headstand, handstand or shoulder stand – to activate the upper pulse zones. Do not invert if you are menstruating.

Then, either finish with a shoulder stand (if you haven't done it before,) or proceed straight to a final relaxation.