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Healing Visualizations
By Anastasia

Visualization of the future

If you are facing a difficult situation that needs resolution, or if you are haunted by indecision, try this visualization:

Visualize in your mind the perfect solution without knowing what it is. In order to accomplish this, visualize yourself peaceful, as if it was finally over... Not just suppressed, but completely over. Make time advance to a place in the future where you say, “I got through this.”

Feel the peace without worrying about future events.
Feel the peace of something happening, which indeed is finally working and has wisdom. You don't have to remember how it happened - just feel it.

To heal a person or a situation with the healing energy, visualize a person or a situation on the palm of your hand. Then place your palms together. Clear your thoughts and visualize the the energy flow through your hands. You can imagine the energy is bright gold healing light. You don't have to concentrate on keeping the energy flow coming in, it will flow freely of its own accord...Just relax and enjoy the energy.

When 3-to-5 minutes have passed you will feel the energy stop, or you may feel a little tired. That means that you are finished. The healing energy will continue to work on helping the person or to remedy the situation you were concerned with. You can use the same healing techniques on yourself.