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Are you out of balance? Try the Pulse Zone Test.
By Anastasia

Answer yes or no to these questions:

Source Pulse Zone

  1. Has a recent experience thrown you for a loop – coming at you totally unexpected?
  2. Are you more worried about being able to pay your bills than you used to be?
  3. Are you worried about financial stability?
  4. Do you suffer from constipation or diarrhea unrelated to diet?
  5. Do you feel nervous or anxious for no apparent reason?
  6. Are you locked in an unhealthy relationship by fear?
  7. Do you have weight problems?

Hip Pulse Zone

  1. Do you take on other people's emotional garbage?
  2. Do you consider yourself uncreative or unimaginative?
  3. Have you lost your libido?
  4. Do you seek admiration from others?
  5. Are you suffering from sexual dysfunction for no apparent reason?
  6. Are you uncomfortable being touched?
  7. Do you have a problem sustaining employment?

Core Pulse Zone

  1. Are you a controlling person?
  2. Is it your way or the highway?
  3. Are you a perfectionist?
  4. Are you prone to digestive problems?
  5. Is change difficult for you?
  6. Do your friends accuse you of being anal?
  7. Do you get upset when someone has a different opinion from yours?

Heart Pulse Zone

  1. Do you have a problem saying no?
  2. Do you have a problem trusting others?
  3. Are you suffering from an auto–immune disease?
  4. Do you emotionally distance yourself from others?
  5. Do you avoid relationships for fear of being hurt?
  6. Do you ever feel smothered or do you smother others with overly–attentive affection?
  7. Do you gossip?

Communication Pulse Zone

  1. Do you deny your emotions?
  2. Are you afraid of voicing your opinions?
  3. Are you afraid of looking silly?
  4. Do you stutter?
  5. Are you shy?
  6. Do you clench your jaw or grind your teeth?
  7. Do you suffer from frequent ear, nose, and throat problems for no apparent reason?

Intuition Pulse Zone

  1. Do you have frequent headaches or impaired vision for no apparent reason?
  2. Do you second guess your intuition?
  3. Do you have a tendency to over–analyze?
  4. Do you have an addiction?
  5. Do you judge others by their status, achievements, or education?
  6. Have you lost your purpose in life?
  7. Do you dislike fantasy movies?

Connection Pulse Zone

  1. Are you intolerant of others?
  2. Do you believe without question the teachings of any organized religion?
  3. Do you rely on others to tell you what to do?
  4. Do you believe in no afterlife – that our life here on Earth is all there is?
  5. Do you believe in predestination?
  6. Do you question spirituality or the existence of a higher power?
  7. Are you apathetic?

Count your yes answers in each section. The section with the most yes answers is the Pulse Zone where you need the most attention.