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about yogapulse

YogaPulse™ is designed to help you reshape your body and transform your life by focusing on the way you move and the food you eat. YogaPulse™'s all–inclusive approach gives you the long, lean, yoga look you see on magazine covers. Certified yoga teacher and nutritional consultant Anastasia created YogaPulse™ to give you the transformational results you want by using safe, effective movements and an easy to follow food plan, so you can eat delicious and nutritious foods, and stay slim and healthy for life.

The YogaPulse™ method is based on the principle of seven major pulse zones. The theory of pulse zones was created, tested and developed by Anastasia. It has its roots in ancient yogic texts and in Eastern medicine. Pulse zones are seven specific areas of your body where energy is highly concentrated. The YogaPulse™ program stimulates these zones, unlocks the normally stagnant energy and creates the sense of overall wellbeing, strength, fitness, flexibility, weight loss and a deep inner peace. YogaPulse™ is a real combination of East meets West for the best in fitness.

YogaPulse™ brings the amazing benefits of yoga into every aspect of your life: slimming, strengthening, calming, health–enhancing, centering and even weight loss. This happens without investing a lot of time, without unpronounceable names of the poses, and without the need to be a contortionist. The positions used in YogaPulse™ are effective, simple and fun, whether you are a long–term yoga practitioner or have just started! YogaPulse™ is a true modern American yoga system. It is suitable for all people, all races, religions, shapes and sizes. YogaPulse™ can be practiced anytime and anywhere. You don't need any complicated fitness equipment to try this program. You can do it in the privacy of your own home, with a friend, a child or alone.

YogaPulse™ System includes six YogaPulse™ DVD programs of different lengths, Anastasia's Food Celebration booklet, a grocery list and a YogaPulse™ Positions Chart. It also includes a Get Started guide to make it easy for you to start the program. Through all aspects of YogaPulse™, including Anastasia's Food Celebration, you will reshape your body and transform your life.

YogaPulse™ System: $59.90 +s&h

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  • Get Started Guide
  • Anastasia's Food Celebration
  • Grocery List
  • YogaPulse™ Positions Chart